Jump (2004)

Producer & Director: Sven J. Matten
Screenplay: Tina Schulte
Genre: Coming of Age
Director of Photography: Michael Siegloch
Editor: Anna Vogel
Production: Wunibald Heigl
Production Manager: Gerd Reimers
Music: Hans-Peter Ströer
Cast: Simon-Paul Wagner, Sebastian Minkov,
Wolfgang Ceczor, Wilm Roil

Log line:
Basti gets caught in the crossfire between a fascist group and the milieu of his Turkish friend Tekin. When Tekin gets seriously injured in a fight with the neo-Nazis, Basti has a decision to make.

Basti (16) comes from a lower-class background, living in a socially deprived area and suffering under the heavy hand of his authoritarian father. In a desperate search for love, recognition and his inner self, he joins a fascist group to which his brother also belongs. For the first time in his life, he has a feeling of belonging. He then meets Tekin, a Turkish boy of his age, who convinces him to play for a basketball team consisting mainly of young foreigners. Suddenly Basti is caught between two fronts, as a fascist and yet Tekin’s friend. He is part of the group and yet all alone, and when Tekin gets seriously injured in a fight with the neo-Nazis, Basti is forced to make a choice.

Director’s Note:
JUMP is about racism and violence, violence against people who are different, who are foreign, who do not belong. The film tells the story of a friendship that is put to a hard test by the desire to belong. JUMP moves people, provokes them and makes them think.

Marketing and Sales:
JUMP is extraordinary: a socially committed film about a current topic, especially tailored for use in schools and other educational institutions, but also for television and festivals. It nevertheless avoids the “stigma” of appearing to be educational television, letting the audience instead see it as a genuine feature film – something that is guaranteed by the high quality of the production and a cast of TV stars like Simon-Paul Wagner and Wilm Roil, both of whom are well-known throughout Germany.
In contrast to conventional school films, JUMP achieves a high degree of closeness and identification potential among its target group, with a particularly wide distribution for this type of project due to the comprehensive analysis of JUMP in the German-speaking countries. The intensive processing of the film in classroom lessons results in a high rate of recognition among the film’s young target group.

Matthias Film gGmbH
Österreichischer Filmservice
Bayerischer Rundfunk
Hessischer Rundfunk

Length: 20 minutes / 569 meter
Sound: Dolby SR FSK / Rated: Older than 12 years
FBW Prädikat: wertvoll
(This film is officially honoured in Germany as “valuable”)
Nominated for German Short Film Award 2005

• 35mm (German language with english subtitles)
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• BetaSP (German language with english subtitles)/ TV)
• VHS (German language with english subtitles)
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