THE GOOD BOY (in development)

Format: Feature Film, 120 min, 4K
Genre: Psychological Drama

Director: Sven J. Matten
Script: Sven J. Matten & Robert Wertheimer
Producer: Robert Wertheimer, Maynard Kraak,
Sven J. Matten & David Hamilton
Casting: Jeremy Zimmermann & Ron D. Leach
Music: Darren Fung

Log line:
Jan, a in his childhood abused intersexual man, tries to tackle his adult life but even his closest friends can’t help to recover.

A GOOD BOY is an emotionally driven psychological drama.  

The new feature film by Sven J Matten after his latest success “Steel”.  Like Krzysztof Kieślowski’s  Three-Color-Trilogy films, with elements of contemporary television / streaming series like “Sex Education, “Gossip Girl” and “Grace & Frankie”, to be realized in fall 2020. A ensemble of talented, but not yet famous, actors in the main characters combined with a couple well known featured actors is planned.

Even though you have tried to blank out a childhood full of abuse and violence it is still a great challenge to live a happy life when those demons are so real and never leave your side.

Jan is an 8-year-old, highly intelligent boy and a victim of sex abuse. While escaping from his captor he gets seriously hurt in a car accident. The driver of the vehicle is a long time “friend”, who takes Jan in, and locks him away in a storage room on his property.  Incredibly, the man continues to use and abuse Jan for yet another five years time! As a result, Jan’s body and  mind, seriously injured, never fully recovers as his second captor refuses him any outside contact including much needed medical assistance.

At the age of 13, Jan finally escapes fully and is placed by authorities with a foster family. He eventually excels in academia and graduates magna-cum laude with an MBA from a prestigious university.

At the age of 40, Jan has a new name and a cadre of good friends who have little idea as to the story of his past. With the support of this strong social network – his core of close friends, he achieves exceptional success both in his business and his private life. And yet, he finds it impossible to control his inner darkness and the haunting memories. As a result of his inner struggles and his  horrendous medical history – he spirals downward and deteriorates, until his untimely death. His passing crushes his devoted band of friends while at the same time bringing them together in compassion and humanity.  For, in the end, what Jan gives them is more than friendship – but an insight into the meaning of life.

THE GOOD BOY is a story is inspired by several real events and focuses less on a childhood of violence and more on the impact which severe abuse during childhood has on living a fully integrated adult life.