WE (1997)

Format: Drama, 1997 (2002), 28 minutes, b/w
Director/Producer: Sven J. Matten
Co-producer: Ivana Viazzi / Südpol Station, Feierwerk e.v.
Assistant Director: Tatjana Rist
Cast: Torsten Gauger, Alexander Gheorghiu, Helena Frühauf

Phillip and Marc are two completely different young men, at least at first glance. Phillip, the chic, cool snob, comes from a rich family, wears the right clothes, spends lots of money – is he just a superficial, consumption-oriented kid?
Marc on the other hand is down-and-out and usually broke. He doesn’t care about clothes, buying them at second-hand shops and rejecting the cool-guy scene.
By chance, the paths of these two kids who seem to come from different worlds cross. But the problems of the one are not so different from those of the other, especially on this one night.

Self-discovery, confusion, loneliness, coming out, fear, drugs, first experiences… and an open ending.