Lost Kruger Gold (in development)

Format: Feature Film, 120 min
Genre: Action/Adventure
Locations: Germany / Belgium / South Africa

Director: Sven J. Matten

Maynard Kraak / West Five Films
Sven J. Matten / Paradigma Entertainment

Log line:
When Chris Durand is thrown back on the trail for the lost Kruger Millions, his adventure will team him up with his beautiful semi-adopted sister, pit him against a dangerous rival far more equipped than he is, and ultimately lead him in search of the fabled African lost city of Ebonkizwe.

Gunfire suddenly erupts in a small African village as Chris Durand makes his escape, a golden amulet in hand – the Ebonkizwe medallion, and the first clue to a stolen Boer gold estimated to be in excess of 250 million dollars.
And so the adventurer finds himself back on the hunt for the fabled lost Kruger gold.
Chris returns to his mentor, the eccentric Philip J. De Villiers, to decipher the riddles hidden within the amulet, only to learn that his long-time rival, Hannes Steyn, is hot on the trail for the gold too. Not only that, but De Villiers’ estranged daughter, Susanna, a well-known historian and published novelist, has been taken hostage by the ruthless Steyn.
And so, Chris sets off to track his enemies down and rescue his somewhat adopted sister with whom he shares a strange love-hate relationship.
As the pair, aided by De Villiers and a young, 10-year-old street urchin called TJ, race against Hannes Steyn and his mercenaries to find the next clue that will lead them to the gold, it soon becomes clear that Kruger’s Lost Millions may not be the ultimate goal, as rumors and riddles start pointing toward an ancient myth – the forgotten and lost African city of Ebonkizwe, believed to be an ancient lost civilization, an advanced gold-shrouded society pre-dating any other known culture on earth.
Their adventure will lead them on a cross-country chase of South Africa, from the jungles of KwaZulu Natal, to the bushveld of Mpumalanga, to the stately buildings of Pretoria’s museums and churches.
But where will the trail end? And what will they find when they get there? And what will Chris finally learn about his dark and mysterious childhood that left him orphaned at a young age?
The hunt is on!

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