Politics for cool guys (2008)

Producer & Director: Sven J. Matten
Screenplay: Frank Schubert, based on the contents of
Wunibald Heigl and Dr. Robert Hofmann
Genre: Political Education for children and adolescents
Camera: Marcus Otto
Editing: Benjamin Gurn
Production Managemer: Udo Alter
Cast: Norbert Aberle, Hans-Jürgen Stockerl, Silke Kluge-Bader,
Lilly Schmieder, Daniel Bader, Hannah Albrecht
Score: Lars Deutsch

Log line:
In this educational short film series for children and young people, exciting and humorous episodes lasting 30 minutes provide young people with an introduction to political knowledge independent of schoolbook curricula. They also stimulate young people’s desire to learn more about politics and delve into political issues.

Children and young people are guided through the different chapters by two young projection figures, Marie and Moritz, who take the audience on a voyage of discovery through the world of politics and democratic society, experiencing adventures but also normal everyday experience.
The journey begins at school and continues at home: the stories are conveyed through the family of Marie and Moritz, a perfectly normal family, an average social environment in which there is sometimes friction, but for which mutual respect and basic democratic convictions are the basis for living together on a larger and smaller scale.
There is Uncle Theo, who is a parliamentary representative from the town of Müller-Ulm, his brother, his sister-in-law and the two children and their friends. Uncle Theo’s profession is the starting point for some lively discussions about the world of politics and its manifestations in Germany’s social landscape, whereby the questions of the inquisitive – and indeed, critical – children are taken up and discussed by adults.
Dramaturgically and practically, this means that, after the experiences shown in the acted scenes, more complex learning content is once again represented by graphics, diagrams or animations (e.g. the rules of modern democracy or a diagram of the separation of powers within a democracy), while the characters explain these in greater detail off-screen.

Marketing and Sales:
The thematic blocks, which have a fixed status in everyday life, in the family and also in political and social studies lessons or as an interdisciplinary principle in framework curricula (German, religion/ethics, history, etc.), are introduced to children and young people in a unique and entertaining way, i.e. at the level of the target group.
The films are designed together with their accompanying material for use on television, DVD, teachers and educators with comprehensive distribution in the German-speaking countries, as well as directly for parents and their children and for school television with possible download of accompanying material. The length of a single episode is 30 minutes and is supplemented in each case by detailed accompanying material. The individual educational modules form the basic structure of the film episodes, so that they can also be called up individually in class or as required (on DVD).
This gives teachers, educators and parents the opportunity to treat individual educational contents in a targeted and entertaining way and to link them concretely with life experiences and conflicts of young people and their environment and to ensure that young people get a positive, authentic idea of democracy. The individual sequences are neither boring nor unproblematic, nor do they simply recite institutions or adopt a schoolmasterly tone. Instead, they are designed to “arouse emotions and translate them into learning success” (W. Benz).

Running time: 3 episodes à 30 minutes
Format & Sound: Beta Digital / Dolby SR

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