Magic Eye (2005)

Genre: Drama, road movie
Length: 90 minutes
Completion: Summer 2005
Location/Time: Albania/Tirana 1997

Screenplay: Vath Koreshi, Kujtim Cashku
Camera: Hajo Schomerus
Editor: Ulrike Leipold
Music: Dürbeck and Dohmen
Cast: Bujar Lako; Alban Ukaj; Arta Dobroshi;
Rajmonda Bulku; Timo Flloko
Producers: Anita Elsani/Elsani film, Kujtim Cashku/Orafilm
Co-producer: Sven J. Matten/Paradigma Entertainment
Director: Kujtim Cashku

Albania 1997 – Gjirokastra, a town in the southern part of the country, on the brink of civil war. By chance, the retired photographer Petro witnesses a murder he is able to capture with his Super 8 camera. Immediately he travels from his home country to the capital Tirana in order to develop the film as quickly as possible. However, Petro does not know that he has also recorded what is actually the background to the crime: A foreign television journalist in search of a “hot scoop”, filming in warlike conditions, causes the death of an old man and his granddaughter. As fate would have it, Petro meets him (Berti) on his way to Tirana. But only when the film has been developed does Petro learn the truth – and is suddenly aware of the danger he is in. He quickly tries to return to his homeland to present the film to the public and actually manages to do this under the greatest of difficulties. But shortly before achieving his goal of publicly screening the film, it is stolen from him by Berti’s boss. Only Petro knows the truth – and the general media coverage is full of lies and inventions about the death of the two inhabitants of Gjirokastra.

World Sales:
Media Luna Entertainment

International Filmfestival Cairo – winner of the Silver Pyramid, best screenplay, best actor and winner of the International Critics Prize Fipresci
Haifa International Filmfestival
Festival des Film du Monde in Montreal