STEEL (2016)

Genre: Psychological Drama
Release: 2016 in the US;
Germany, Canada, UK & France
Screenplay: Sven J. Matten, Melissa Kajpust
Director: Sven J. Matten
Producer: Jean du Toit
Main cast: Chad Connell, David Cameron
DoP / Camera: Charles Lavack, Andrew Forbes
Production: Paradigma Entertainment through it’s Canadian division DuMatt Entertainment Inc.

Log line:
Strong emotions – fear and panic, self-search and isolation, love and sex, self-denial and self-discovery – a ride on an emotional roller coaster while trying to find one’s way into life.

DANIEL (30), a successful TV journalist living life in the fast lane, has fallen into a deep depression. His seemingly perfect life suddenly collapses under him when panic attacks force him to deal with himself and his past. Fear, paranoia and desperation appear to get the better of him, people around him are helpless. Daniel, however, won’t give up: he tries to recapture what was once his by creating a second identity for himself, young ALEXANDER (19), with whom he embarks on an extraordinary journey into a painful past.

Producer’s Note:
What is reality? What is imagination? STEEL is a film about illness, self-discovery and survival. A psychological drama about growing up in difficult times, about a young man creating a paradise for himself; his Own Private Idaho – and his own personal hell at the same time. It’s about the long, difficult road he has to take to find out who he really is and how to survive in a world that won’t accept failure. STEEL is not just a drama about a mentally ill person and it’s not just about a young man owning up to the fact that he might be gay, it’s a film about modern life, about a globalized world whose values have become hollow and redundant and about a generation that has lost all sense of direction and purpose over this.

Marketing and Sales:
STEEL is an almost archaic drama between two men in the same person. It’s a film about love and forgiveness, perdition and ultimate salvation.
The story is told in a classic form (unity of time, place and action), boasts several surprising plot twists and is rich in conflict. Thanks to its compact time frame – a few weeks –, STEEL’s plot offers an exceptionally suspenseful profile. The story is told from the point-of-view of an attractive young man, a strong character to identify with. An adventure in psychology, internationally appealing and relatable to anyone who’s ever questioned the times we live in.

Language: English – Available subtitles: German
Available formats: DCP 4K & 2K, HDcam, BlueRay, DVD
Running time: 108 minutes (1:47:40) – Aspect ratio: 1:2.35
Sound: 6 channel 5.1 mix, 2track, TV mix (IT mix available for dubbing

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